A Spirited Path

   Emerge from Surviving to THRIVING 


My passion is to champion those that are tired of re-living their past traumas;  by discovering who they truly are beneath the masks they have needed to put on to live their lives. To learn to love your past,present and future.
 What I can offer you  are alternative programs that will address those missing "pieces" that you felt you had lost.

Trauma affects every person on the planet. Sharply spoken words, physical abuse, accidents even surprises can register as trauma. How you are affected depends much on your subconscious programs.

 Most of my life I lived through the eyes of trauma and yet despite this I have been able to reconnect to my deepest level and re-invent my life by learning to trust my intuition and my spirit. By changing the way I looked at my life lessons, my energy changed and my life changed. http://www.aspiritedpath.ca/aboutme.htm

 My mission is to help activate women to follow their inner voice and to assist them to go after that big version of themselves. My combined passions will assist you with advanced healing techniques that will raise your vibration, clear out deep-seated emotional debris from your past and allow you to start trusting your abilities and your true self-worth.

By changing the way you think about your life your energy field will change and you WILL become the change by sending out new vibes to your world.

You are here because you know in your heart that you ARE here to do something wonderful, beautiful and significant with your life.You definitely have a contribution to make, or you would not be reading these words, AND the time is NOW, no question about it yet you hang back and don't take the necessary steps to that big dream.

So if you are sensing an inner calling (or outer calling), I urge you to deeply consider answering the call.

Of course it is your choice, but I believe you were born now for a reason. We are all  being challenged to step up and be bigger than we ever thought we could be in this life.

Testimonial :You provided me with emotional relief in my life. You gave me an opportunity to grow and encourage me to take steps into the unknown.  I released massive blocks from my past. Feeling the changes of this monumental shift not only in my body but my emotional  and spiritual being the days to come were full of change. I felt a sense of peace and started my artwork again.  Chanty 

Your Spirited Path can begin here!

If you are feeling that something is missing in your life; feeling constantly drained, always exhausted, unsatisfied in your relationships then pat yourself on the back because you are in the right place, you have already started to change and you were guided here.

Have you tried making changes in the past only to fall back into the same old patterns? Let me help you!

Your subconscious mind is in charge of 95% of your life, much like those computer programs running in the background of your computer. Stop berating yourself and anchor in some much needed self love. Your old programs are keeping you stuck and its easy to update them with my advanced energy techniques

You can be passionate about what you want to do, discover your true calling, tap into your intuition and let it guide you to create those changes for that sense of peace and balance that you have been yearning for.

I know you are not afraid to ask the tough questions of yourself and that you are committed to change and willing to make that investment in yourself to change your life as it now stands.

From our heart-centered work you will:

  •    Learn how to live your life from your priorities
  •    Stop procrastination from accomplishing your goals.
  •    Learn how the wounds of your past are your greatest lessons.
  •    Get the tools that support you in staying centered and focused.
  •    Build your plans to get you clear about and how you want to do it.
  •    Uncover your true abilities that have been buried out of fear.
  •    Integrate new healthy habits in your life
  •   Rid yourself of old programming that is running your life.  

I love working with clients by phone and by Skype as well as in person. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions,  VIP days (focused dedicated ½ day and full day sessions) to allow you to work with the specific areas of your life, and a 90 day program and an intense 6 month program for those that are willing to really dig deep plus various workshops and Soul Journey Facials (for those in my area).

I invite you to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30-MINUTE TELEPHONE Connection call with me.  This will serve you in getting crystal clear about what you want and need in your life right now. We will work to understand what is standing in your way and how I can support you with where you long to be.

Take advantage of this no obligation opportunity to find out how A Spirited Path can change your life.    

I offer Gift Certificates for any of my treatments, programs or workshops.       

Contact Janet Today! Call me @ 905-666-9607 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 

or email me @ janet@aspiritedpath.ca

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