A Spirited Path

   Your Journey to " JOY". 


 Glad to see you here. My mission is to help you follow your heart's stirrings. To let go of those old thoughts that keep you playing small and out of touch with who you really are. My business has always been to help you with what you have been facing in your life.

My purpose is to assist you on your path of emerging into the big version of you. Most of us want to be  Happy, Healthy,Wealthy and Wise  but our inner voices don't support us in that way.                              It's not who you are that holds you back. It's who you think you are NOT. 

With over 70,000 thoughts per day we know that a lot of them are fear based and negative. So while repeating positive mental thoughts does help,often old emotional patterns and beliefs pop into our heads to stop us.

You must raise your vibration first. You need to clear the old patterns and beliefs that are countering your new intentions. You have to change your vibration and being resonating with the result that you are longing for.

I will help you act from your heart's  knowing and work with that wisdom within your soul that you know is there. However to have our dreams come true, on a consistent basis, takes more than just thinking it we know we have to act. 

If you want to become empowered and acknowledge the gifts of your life, you are in the right place. Let me help you turn up the volume of your soul's voice, invite more blessings into your life, let go of your old stories, allowing that light within you to emerge.
Here you will find programs, workshops and individual mentoring sessions to assist you on your path.

Please contact me for a 15 minute discovery session to see if we are a fit.

My offerings help you learn how to make your heart sing, follow your dreams and how to express your talents and skills to the world.

Work with me as we inject new energy into your life, put all the pieces you have collected on your journey together and allow the world to experience the REAL YOU!

Its TIME for you to find that authentic part of you, to live fully and love fully.

Allow me to help you let go, push past your fears and believe in miracles again.

My goal is to have my clients think like this: 

I Am ...Amazing, Creative, Unique,One of a Kind, Beautiful, Cherished, Sexy, Lovable, Precious, Smart, Strong, Brave, Courageous, Miraculous, Talented, Loved, Valuable, Deserving, Child of the Universe.


I offer individual sessions, package sessions, specialized VIP days and a 6 month program to help you past your hurts and disappointments and angers of the past.

Check out my transformational offerings.

Janet Miller  www.aspiritedpath.ca 905-666-9607