A Spirited Path

   Emerge from Surviving to THRIVING 

About Me

My healing journey started a few weeks before the birth of my first child back in 1987. I had just returned home from a 6 month stay in a local mental hospital and the very next day I woke up feeling funny. My face had literally fallen on one side, my eye would not close and I couldn't talk right. Turned out is was a severe case of Bell's Palsy. Part of me was not really surprised because I had not really wanted to come back home and back into the abusive relationship I was in but I also did not want to have my baby while in the mental hospital because I was afraid that my husband would then get custody of my baby. I did not want to face this reality

It took the birth of another child when I made the decision to end the relationship. Now I say that my children saved me. They gave me the courage to be on my own and this was the starting point of my journey into alternative healing.
  Many years of traditional therapy sparked me to look for something else to make me feel whole and this lead my on my journey into vibrational medicine. After years of taking workshops and courses for my own growth and healing I have finally found my missing peace.

I created orignally created Soul Journey Facials to help people release the stress and tension they were holding in their faces and yet knew in my heart that I had to go bigger to help more people open their hearts again.

After I helped my mother pass, my life shifted into high gear for even deeper healing. My mother's message from the other side lead me to another piece of my puzzle. Her words whispered softly in my ear from the other side took me on another journey into the realm of the subconscious and super-conscious mind with the process of PSYCH-K®.
This process is endorsed by Bruce H. Lipton Ph. D.in his new book " the Honeymoon Effect" ( the science of creating heaven on earth) as the one process that he is most familiar with to create changes that are real and long lasting. 

Despite all my trials I have soared to new heights! I choose hope, love, patience and receptivity. I have learned that we are more alike than we believe and all want the same basic things, to be secure, compassionate, loving and to be loved by others.

My mission is to help people follow their inner voice, to assist them into that big version of themselves. Allow me to help you turn up the volume of your soul's voice. Invite more blessings into your life and blossom into the new version of you. Every day should be joy-filled, loving and filled with laughter. All those around you will also benefit from this new version of you as light shines on everyone.

If you have made it this far,it's been awesome to meet you! If you are ready, willing and able to step out of your comfort zone, then let's grow together. 

Call me at  906-666-9607 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  or email at janet@aspiritedpath.ca and let me help you soar to new heights.

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. ~ Galileo Galilei                                                                     

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