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It's TIME to Let go of Old resentments and thoughts

Posted by Janet Phoebe Miller on January 12, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Boy. When Spirit wants to connect with you and you are aware of messages that come from others, it always amazing what pops up. My daughter met with an old friend of hers that she had not seen in a while and when she came home I asked her how did the visit go.

This is what she told me; apparently her friend still had a beef with her about something that happened a few months ago between them and she could not seem to let it go. My daughter was shaking her head when she told me and said : Mom it been 8 months and she still has not let go of it. Its done; Its over. I don't understand why she keeps harping on it. This also has to do with one of the cards I chose the other day as well from a deck that I love for its honesty.

" WISDOM FROM THE HIDDEN REALMS" by Colette Baron- Reid. The card was " The Hungry Ghosts" the message was focusing on the past and consuming desire to know the future will ROB you of your true presence. They came to me to make me aware of my obsessive thinking and addictions. I needed to surrender my will, my life and my heart desires  and all the pains me to the DIVINE. All this is distracting me from my life path.

What came to me was the old resentments that both my parents held onto for years.( I do mean years over 50 ) and how it afftected them, their health and  their relationships with their children. We often have similar traits as our parents even though the may not seem as familiar' this type of thinking was with us from our childhood and is often hard to change. My addictions are not the same as my parents but they are still there none the less and I have been observing myself this new year and am so thankful that I now have a way to change my subconsious that is fast and easy.

I have been working with myself daily this past year and my messages are now even waking me up in the morning ( Will talk about this in my next post) and I often put pen to paper so that I will remember what they are. This technique has also allowed my FULL gifts to emerge.

If any of you reading this would like great fast results about really heaing and getting your messages then just contact me for an appoiintment.

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