A Spirited Path

   Living with JOY 


I had tried several therapists, a lot of different methods of self-help and personnal development. I could feel it helped me a little bit, sometimes more, but it was always a temporary change without a real follow up.

Discouraged, I was hesitant when I heard first about PSYCH-K_... I was afraid it would be just another method on my list without any real result. But I really wanted change in my life and so I tried anyway Janet's 6 one hour sessions coaching.

I have never experienced something so powerful and simple. No need to dig in the painful past. No need to try hard or suffer. Janet is dedicated, intuitive and accurate. She is an incredible and powerful companion... full of joy, positivism, compassion and humanity. In only six sessions, I feel transformed, my energy has changed and I attract new great experiences into my life.

If you are ready for a smooth and harmonious change leading to a happy and fullfilled life go for sessions with her!

Love, Eva

I had met Janet through a friend who knew I needed guidance with what was happening in my life. 

I knew right off Janet was the Intuitive Life Coach for me, she had helped me to be a stronger person too actually take charge of my own life. Learning that it is okay asking for help and to say no, while still being the same caring person.


Using Psych-K Janet helped me find and resolve some significant blocks.  It’s amazing to feel so much more comfortable in my skin, happier and more determined about life.  I loved working with Janet and was impressed with her skill, intuition, compassion and her enthusiastic approach.

Diane, Toronto

I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years. Most of that time I was self employed and was very successful. Due to changes in my life I decided to go to work for other people. In my last job my boss told me that "I suck at my job" and I quite that same day. I decided in that moment I would never do graphic design again. Even though I loved doing it and had been blessed with artistic talent.

After almost a year of floundering and trying to find another career I met Janet. When I told her the story about what my boss had said she saw that I had a huge block and a lot of fear about being a designer again. In less than an hour of working with Janet I had no more fear or doubt and was energized to restart my graphics career! 

That was only a few months ago and I am now working full time at my own graphic design company. It is growing every day!

I owe it all to Janet! Thank you so much Janet for helping and supporting me!

Jill Conley, Creative Serendipity

My son left your session flying high. He was so excited and said he had a sense of feeling free. He doesn't talk about it or refer to it that night but we haven't had the setbacks that we have had in the past. It was amazing. Thank you.

 After our PSYCH-K session and working on just changing one Core Belief I noticed a subtle change. I was happier, more relaxed almost like a weigh had been lifted but not sure what. I'm a fixer and can't stand not fixing problems, especially when they involve my daughter. However I noticed that my reaction was different, the knot in my gut was not there, I wasn't reacting to the situation in the same way. The only difference was the PSYCH-K session. By changing that Core Belief my reaction to situations changed as the underlying subconscious belief was changed.                         

 I've also been working on losing weight and that has been going wonderfully.I'm now losing anywhere from 0.8 lbs to 2.8 lbs per week. I believe the key with PSYCH-K is that by making such a change, is that the block is removed so you can now accomplish what you've been wanting to do.
 Again the only difference here was the session with you. Thank you so much for helping me and my family. Sincerely.

 Anne-Marie  Ajax, ON

 I worked with Janet on my daughter's behalf with the Surrogation balance. She is a mommy living with the disability of Autism. I have noticed a significant positive change in her ability to show compassion and I look forward to continue to work on other issues with Janet   

D. Allin

I believe that we incarnate with a to do list we want to accomplish while on earth...the tricky part is that we immediately forget it when we arrive. Then, for the rest of our lives, despite our best efforts to break away from the past and create our lives, our computer brains automatically default to our learned programming that often sabotages our goals. Janet's superior intuitive abilities coupled with PSYCH-K numerous protocols helped me to put words to my life purpose and stop the sabotaging core beliefs that were keeping me in the past.   

Lois C

I had a headache for a week straight, every morning I woke up it was there.  I went to the chiro with no help, tried advil and that did not work .. Nothing worked except Janet's magic touch.  Janet did a Deep Tissue Facial massage on me and the next morning I woke up without a headache it was amazing.  She explained to me why the pain was where it was and explained that part of my problem came from holding my tongue too much, since that day I have also started speaking up for myself and that feels good. 


Yvonne Whitby. ON

You provided me with emotional relief in my life. You gave me an opportunity to grow and encourage me to take steps into the unknown.  I released massive blocks from my past. Feeling the changes of this monumental shift not only in my body but my emotional  and spiritual being the days to come were full of change. I felt a sense of peace and started my artwork again. 

Many blessings for your help 

Thank you again for yesterday and what you said.  What you gave me was a fresh new start. A new place to start from. I thank you for this and I will continue releasing the old, shedding the old skin and stepping into the new me.     S. Wetmore

I can't tell you how much the release has helped. It worked so much deeper than I could possibly imagine. Much thanks for allowing me to breathe once again.                                        

Warmest regards, Jocelyn

Meeting you was one of my first " push" moments into finding my passion. What you do brings value  to the people you meet.     

T. Trimble

You have helped me feel more secure. Your wise and gifted assistance has helped me take a look at myself with my dreams. I am not afraid deep inside anymore and now I have better control.

S. Jenkins

I met with Janet yesterday and she was so helpful and guided me through a great breakthrough yesterday. Thank you so much for being present for me. It was much deeper and it came from past lives and it was about me accepting financial rewards for my Divine gifts.  Such a huge one for us healers to feel worthy to accept monetary rewards for our gifts. With her help I came up with a VAK statement . I felt so good and empowered.                                      

Now feeling so grateful and blessed. 

H. Mason