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You will be with yourself longer than anyone on this planet, so why not make it a great relationship.

My practice offers change on many levels and has always focused on what we are facing in our lives.

Soul Journey Facial combines my love of advanced energy work, crystal therapy and Facial Massage. This session help you let go of the old thoughts, old pains and stresses that you have faced in your life. No matter how hard we try ot mask what we are holding inside, it is felt on a subtle level by those around us.Learn what your body is telling you by choosing crystals for this treatment.(Details here)

PSYCH-K stands for psychological kinesiology. It is a safe,non-invasive and very effctive way to change negative and limiting beliefs in a very short time. By releasing emotional and energetic roadblocks, you clear the path to live the life you want. We ask your subconscious for positive words that support your change. When your two minds come together, you finally free yourself and begin living the life you desire. Come and discover how easily you can create lasting change.
(Details here)

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VIP DAYS are available in 1/2 day or full day sessions. With these sessions you can really get down to business with the changes you want to make. You choose what you what area you want to work on.
The list is endless: Self-esteem, Personal Power, Relationships, Grief/ Loss, Health/ Body, Spirituality, Prosperity or Business.

Testimonial from a VIP day:   Thanks for the amazing session, I can already see the benefits today. Heartache is gone, brain fog related symptoms have dimished. Those two chidhood events don't seem to bother me.  Thanks so much  R.V.

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