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Crystal Healing

How Can Crystal Healing Help Me?

  • Relieve and release stress

  • Amplify your healing power and potential

  • Stop burn out and energy depletion

  • Stimulate harmonious brain activity

  • Restore the energy structure to your body and mind

  • Stimulate healing, personal growth and spiritual development

  • Re-connect you to your inner levels of your being and aura

  • Create carrier waves of pure vibrant energy

  • Improve your health and rejuvenate your body by stimulating the energy flow through your meridians

  • Transfer intelligent coded information to your bloodstream

  • Transmute unwanted information that may be locked in your bones, tissues and unconscious mind

  • Ground you and connect you to Mother Earth

Crystals work with the human energy field and can absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy in the body.

Crystals help balance the bodies natural rhythm.

It involves laying out different energy grids or specific patterns of crystals around the body.

By using grids, the combination of the stones can enhance their individual properties, and direct energy.

In this Vibrational Healing session many different types of crystals are used to balance your body, and one session is never like another.

At the close of the session a review of the stones used and how that information relates to you. This can reveal a lot of messages on your present energetic situation, and give you insight on how you can begin to heal yourself.

Your investment $88 for this 90 minute session