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Thanks you so much for wanting to know more about " Upgrading your LOVE code" and investing in the Golden Sourcebooks bundle of energetic healing.


The LOVE CODE Workbook is a PDF that allows you to journal how your life stories set up your love beliefs in your life.


The answers are always with deep within. Setting aside just a few minutes a day; journaling will allow you to unlock your love belief. Let the stories of your life unfold and you will begin to see why you may be stuck in your ability to love.


With the new energy that is here you can no longer ignore the past or keep it in the shadows. We need to embrace our past and honour it for its gifts. I know that our life experiences don't always seem like "gifts", however stepping onto a spiritual path means that we need to view our past with a new perspective. 


Love and self worth make it easier to exercise daily for your health, eat better, speak up when necessary, become more loving with ourselves and more.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need help in answering some of the questions or making up some new beliefs. We often have huge protection around our heart energy (heart walls) that we put there to keep us safe. 

Please take me up on my offer at the end of the workbook. When your beliefs are made up I would be honoured to help you bring them into your subconscious. 

The new energy that needs to be embraced by the world is that of LOVE in all aspects of our lives and by doing that it will change our lives in countless ways. 

I welcome you to explore my offerings, my journey and how easy it is to change old belief so that you can live a live of joy abundance and love. 

Peace and acceptance 

Janet of A Spirited Path.

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