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Holistic Offerings

This is where I started for my own healing journey.

I was a stressed out single mom that had knew she needed something to relax. 

 Feeling overwhelmed to relaxed was my first experience with REIKI.

Then Crystals entered into my realm to my deeper spiritual experiences.

The effects from a bout of Bell's Palsy lead me to Deep Tissue Facial Massage.

My offerings here can help you reconnect with that peaceful place within you.

A chance to truly relax and re-charge yourself to be the gift to the world around you.


Provides you a wonderful

way to

de-stress and feel connected back to

your true Self.

Crystal Healing can offer you many different experiences to help you truly relax.

Connect with your guides

Balance your Chakras

and much more.

This session combines

Deep Tissue Facial Massage

Crystal Healing





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