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Medicine Shields

The medicine shield is a personal shield which declared its owner’s sacred intentions and “medicine” or inherent power.

The personal shield was made of animal skin or hide stretched over a wooden hoop.

Around the edges were attached feathers, fringes, and sometimes other dangling objects. It had special emblems and symbols painted on it which indicated the owner’s special qualities and quest in life.

It can show a representation of an animal or animals with which the person was particularly related and which represented his or her principal power source and protection.

The colors used also had significance. 

Making your own medicine shield can be a valuable lesson in shamanic understanding because it can help you to recognize your own “medicine” power and how also to express it:

Your shield is intended to be a mirror of the self, reflecting what you are and expressing in some way the dreams or aspirations you want to bring into being.

You choose colours that empower you, symbols and any other additions that will represent the energies that you will remind you of your life mission and soul path.

Making a medicine shield is a means of making contact with the Higher Self for the purpose of “dancing a dream.

A chamois like leather stretched around a wooden embroidery ring.

Various items that could represent your special abilities.

Medicine Books with symbols to help revive your memories.

Paint and brushes to decorate your shield will be supplied.

A discussion of what the making of the shield means to your soul intention.  

It can be added to, developed, and even changed as one’s life unfolds.

Bring your ideas to help decorate your shield and let's have fun creating.

Investment is $55

Only 8 spaces available.

Saturday March 30 from 10am -2pm

(bring your lunch)

Payment for class must be made to reserve your spot. 

E-transfer to janet@aspiritedpath.ca

Creating Your Medicine Shield

What's included?