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Re-writing Your HUMAN Story 1

This program is a deep deep dive into those human beliefs that you have accumulated through your

"Human Experiences"

A safe space has been created to review your life from a whole new angle, going past your limitations, hurts of the past and even past forgiveness.

A fabulous 6 month journey personalized for your growth as the Spiritual being you are having a "Human experience".

Waking up to the realization that there is more to life takes you on a path that explores many new paths to a bigger picture and often the hardest thing to accept is that you asked for all your experiences.

It is time to make that leap into the new energies with ease by going within to unlock your gifts and turning your confusion into clarity.

No more feeling STUCK, living in the old stories that defined your human life.

The magnificence of who you truly are has been hidden deep within your mind and clouded by collective consciousness beliefs as well.

Evolve will be especially beneficial for those whose lives have been touched by traumatic or abusive events

in their past.


When our lives are touched with trauma we often resist how much it has affected us.

So often we have been told to “just get over it” or even be in  total denial of how much it affected you.

We stuff down our feelings to become normal again not realizing that “trauma” has 3 layers.

This is fully embraced in this one to one program so that you can begin to live your life out of the survivor role that has handed to you by society and your experiences.


Will allow you to honour the lessons in your Shadow self. 


Embrace your true value of feeling beautiful and worthy without question.

Accept those painful experiences from a higher perspective.


is a Coaching/mindset change program with channeled guidance support from my guides.

Allow me to use my zone of genius in seeing the spiritual picture of your life experiences

which help you shift past your old perceptions and lift you into your greatness.

Releasing the pain of your past with a new mindset and acceptance of your spiritual lessons, allowing you to change the vibration of what you attract in your life.

Doing this will fast track your manifestations by changing the energy field around you.

Your new vibration will attract new experience, take inspired action towards to life of your dreams.

After working with me for three 90-minute sessions for 6 months, you will be amazed at how you have transformed not only your mindset but also your life and business.


Sign up now to make those big changes you have been dreaming of making and embrace 2020 with new ease, empowered plans and actions.

I have limited spaces available each month to sign up for this program, which consists of three 90 minute session each month for 6 months.

This is a personalized program where I work one-to-one to help you transform your beliefs.

We will have a clarity session before you start to discuss which areas of your life you want to address for 6 months.

This will give me an idea of what you’re currently experiencing and what you want to achieve.

This saves time and helps us keep focused in the NOW in our sessions together and gets us both thinking about what you want to work on.

A typical session starts out with us exploring the highest priority topic you want to work on . I will ask plenty of questions to build a very clear vision and then we will go into the energy work to create your transformation.

I guide your though the entire process each month to help keep you focused on creating a new vibration for your life.