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Zoom - Semi private Sessions

This session is to make your life run easier than before by providing you with wonderful new beliefs.


Semi-private sessions with Janet Miller are small intimate groups of no more than 8 participants.


I work with the collective energy of the small group and focus on several beliefs that pertain to the group.

 This session will install 5 beliefs that will change the way you look at your life.

I will need your full name to be sent to me so that I can properly connect with your energy before we start.

A  questionnaire will be sent to each person in the group session to be filled out and it must be sent back to me so I can see where you might be stuck with this beliefs.

These questions will allow me see if you are positively or negatively programmed to accept these new beliefs. 

The only thing you have to do is answer the questions honestly and they must be sent back so that you can get the benefit that you need.



Within a week of the group session, I will check in with each person in the group via email.   


The sessions are conducted via Zoom and my intention is to have the sessions recorded with links provided to each participant after the session. 

My upcoming event will be this Sunday November 3 @ 10.30am EST.


These new beliefs running through your subconscious your life will begin to change in countless ways.

You will begin to see and accept more coincidences happening in your life.


You will receive more insights into the right steps to take in your life.

You begin giving thanks more often for the small things that you will acknowledge  in your life.

Your ability to be more loving to yourself will improve daily. 



Semi-private Sessions for great New Beliefs