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Just imagine feeling like this when you allow yourself to


 A complete program to uncover those old beliefs that are holding you back from embracing your


This program was created to connect you with the true essence of YOU to embrace the new energies that are NOW HERE.

A 3 month journey of deep personal growth and healing in a loving supportive environment to heal all those old wounds, and update your energy field so you can connect with the divine nature of your being.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~ Carl Jung

Are you tired of being triggered when you connect with others?

Do you feel stuck but are unsure of what is holding you back?

Would you like a clearer connection to your guidance team to assist you with your life path?

Still feeling judgement about those in your past?

Having a problem speaking up in your life?

Ready to stop pretending to be someone else just to fit in?

Willing to go DEEP and root out those beliefs handed down by your ancestors?

Need more confidence in yourself to make that difference in the world?​​​

You would love guidance from an experienced mentor that has done the deep work?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this is the program for you!

Over the next 3 months we will work through 10 main areas of beliefs that affect your life in countless ways. Plus additional areas that are affecting your energy and vibrational field. All to assist you to raise your frequency to accept the energy changes that are now here.

  • Learn to acknowledge those beliefs in the shadows that are holding you back in life

  • Any Contrasting beliefs that are preventing you from taking action will be discovered

  • Core Beliefs that have blocked you from achieving your goals will be acknowledged and the positive ones strengthened

  • You will be able to look at all your life experiences from a totally different perspective.

  • 12 live one to one calls where those beliefs that are holding you back will be changed.

  • Gather back any pieces of yourself that you let go due to be too painful will be be brought back healed and whole

  • Having over 20 new beliefs in your subconscious will bring huge changes.


Bringing in new beliefs with the PSYCH-K process profoundly changed my life and this is the process accompanied with the assistance of my guides that I will using in this program to assist you in changing your life.

By living in peace with all the parts of your past your life will change in miraculous ways, your relationships, your prosperity, your health and so much more.  

You will learn to accept yourselves with a more compassionate eye and a more loving Finding your inner guiding voice, reconnecting to the ones that you are desiring, you start to feel a sense of joy that has been long forgotten.

Evolving PAST Forgiveness Program includes :

 PDF's that help you maintain your energy field as you walk your new path.

 Access to a Facebook group

 Weekly calls to change th





I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, compassion and, when needed, kicks in the butt!  You just by being you have elevated my spiritual journey – now add in PSYCH-K and WOW!  I was stuck in a rut spiritually, mentally and physically and no matter how many books or articles I read, spiritual websites I visited or prayers I said I could not get me out of. 

PSYCH-K revealed the root of the belief systems that I have been operating by all my life– belief systems which were not my own and did not serve me – no wonder I was metaphorically walking through mud. 

Each session brought up more and more “truths” which I had erroneously adopted and PSYCH-K within minutes cleared and healed.  PSYCH-K’s quickness and effectiveness are nothing short of miraculous

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.   J.A. Marrit

My Passion for this Program

I was working on my game plan to create a consulting firm, when I hit a road block that I simply could not get past. It’s a family with some issues - and I just need to clear them so I can move on. 
It was as if huge wall was in my way, and approaching it produced a level of fear that was paralyzing. Her work is just so powerful - she has managed to help me sift through the rubble of past beliefs - false beliefs I adopted decades ago - and one by one, remove them and replace them with the real truth about myself.
The personal power and confidence I was born with are coming back. 
Janet’s patience and discernment are amazing, and makes a difference in the lives of everyone she touches.
Janet has accomplished in just a few sessions something that would have taken years of conventional therapy, and I am so grateful.
Thank You !
SWH in Ohio, USA

Evolving Past Forgiveness

                is where 

           I will hold space for you and clear your unhealthy thoughts and use my to tap into your unconscious, giving you new beliefs about your past.

You will walk away loving yourself and having the tools to live your life from a place of clarity and purpose.

Because LOL ( Law of LOVE) is beautiful!!!

 Full Payment is $1111.00

for this 3 month one on one program

Most flexible Option to help you make that investment in yourself

      Three Equal Payments

Flexible Option of Two Equal Payments gives you an additional bonus handout

Full Payment gives you several additional bonus handouts as a thank you.

Full Payment  of $1111.00