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So often a lack of confidence  stops us for do so many things in life or business. 

Old beliefs like feeling inferior, task distractions, being indecisive can hold us back and can often cause anxiety about getting it right so why try it at all.


  With four 60 minute sessions, we will deal with those issues that you feel are limiting your current life by looking at where it is you want to be.  

We often need that extra does of courage to take steps into the unknown, to start something, to end something and even building something bigger in our lives.

That inner voice that keeps stopping you needs to be addressed and old beliefs changed.

Let's get your subconscious on board with your goals.

It's all about stepping into your power, being present and taking those small action steps with ease. 

 We also spend time at the end of each session to create a plan to help you start implementing these changes, 

with follow up email between sessions.

               $444. CDN

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I had tried several therapists, a lot of different methods of self-help and personal development. I could feel it helped me a little bit, sometimes more, but it was always a temporary change without a real follow up.
Discouraged, I was hesitant when I heard first about PSYCH-K.

I was afraid it would be just another method on my list without any real results. But I really wanted change in my life and so I tried anyway Janet's 6 one hour sessions coaching.


I have never experienced something so powerful and simple. No need to dig in the painful past. No need to try hard or suffer. Janet is dedicated, intuitive and accurate. She is an incredible and powerful companion... full of joy, positivism, compassion and humanity.


In only six sessions, I feel transformed, my energy has changed and I attracted new great experiences into my life.

If you are ready for a smooth and harmonious change leading to a happy and fulfilled life go for sessions with her!

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Eva Cendors/actress/musician 

 Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I am not sure what is holding me back?

    Everything I do is built on Self Love through Spirit. My intention is to assist you to honour your inner truth that          will allow you to create the life that you have dreamed of in the best way possible.  

    How do we work together? 

    Your being here tells me that you are ready to embrace change in your life and already have done some work.

    I use a combination of my Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities to assist you finding              your deeper issues 

    What if I have a list of beliefs I want to have?

    You may come to me with a list of questions and beliefs that you feel you need to work on. However, be prepared       to be open and trusting for what comes up for you. Working with Spirit gives us what we need and not always           what we want to hear.

     Can you guarantee results?

     Embracing change in our lives often takes practice, dedication and homework. Just by changing a belief does not       mean your life will immediately change but it can. That is why we work on the action part of the goals related to         the new  beliefs.

    How can you change beliefs at a distance?

     Remember everything is energy and we can all connect at a distance. Whether you are sitting in the same room         with me, or are a 1000 miles away, I can connect with you,. My mission is to bring you the change you desire for       the life you desire.


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