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Inspired Creations 

I have been drawn to picking stones since I was a child. 


The stones here called to me when I was walking along the shores of a lake that I loved walking along hearing the rush of the waves lapping up along the shores. 

I felt compelled to gather them in all sizes.  I would take them home, then wash them off in water that had a bit of an essential  oil.

Leave them to dry and then sit with them to see what came from holding them.


Some wanted fancy colours, some wanted simple words and some wanted symbols.


 These stones inspire me in other ways that are hard to explain.

These stones are great to hold during meditation or to use on your alter.

The Sigil design here was to imbue it with the following energy.



I am Peace/I am Love/I am Joy 

The painting of the galaxy was to help you embrace the bigger picture of who you really are.

A child of the universe.

Each stone carries a unique energy so just use your intuition.

I have them numbered from the diagram.

Stones in a circle.jpg
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