Over the years I have literally transformed myself many times over and each time became easier when I began to relax and let things flow.

That was not always the case for me as I was stuck in victim mode for many years. Then survivor mode.


After years in traditional therapy, talking for hours about what had happened to me I knew I needed something different. Something just clicked.

I literally was "talked out" and still feeling angry at my abusers. 

I  asked for help by throwing my hands up in the air and shouted " I have had enough of this" as I left my last session.

Well things started shifting quite fast for me and over the next few years I ended up taking numerous Energy Medicine Courses by becoming a Reiki/Se Master, Crystal Therapist and Intuitive Deep Tissue Therapist.

Then of course the Universe obliged me again by giving me another lesson that made me realize that I still had some survivor energy that needed to be cleared.

So once again I had to re-evaluate what I was attracting.

Our learning never stops and I realized I needed to do some major shadow work as I was still attracting some very uncomfortable relationships.

Knowing now about energy I realized that I had to go deeper into my beliefs and this is when I attracted my next modality that rocked my world.

This process is PSYCH-K 

I was blown away with the quickness and ease of finding out what I actually thought.

I was hooked and knew my next step immediately and the Universe provided for me.

Now I combine all that I have learned over my years of taking courses and give my clients tons of information along with changing their beliefs at the deepest level easily and over time and space.

Today, I’m a Spiritual Life Coach for purpose-driven dreamers, starseeds and lightworkers just like you. I use my intuitive and God-given gifts to help my clients transmute their limiting beliefs and take the action steps that lead them to the fulfillment of their calling. 



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