AsCension Alchemy   

                                       Unlearning  with human experience 

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Embracing yourself as the Spiritual Being 


is not easy when you have had painful past experiences. 


Forgiveness is a huge start as that shifts you into survivor mode,

You have left the victim mode behind and yet you still feel some resentment for those in your past.

This is very natural but now it is time to move into a higher understanding and accept that you asked for these experiences. 


Old trauma gives us beliefs, ways of being and patterns that can make us unhappy when we look at our past.

These beliefs and patterns can often feel impossible to conquer.

Here is how to recognize if you are suffering from unprocessed trauma.

Do you often feel like you are just getting by?

You still find yourself people-pleasing and then getting angry at yourself for doing so?

DO you still feel triggered when you think of those painful experiences from your past?

Still feeling resentful?

Wanting to control things, but usually feeling a bit out of control with our emotions?


You have likely tried so many things to heal these issues.


This can leave you feeling helpless.


You are not helpless and never were but you were conditioned to believe you were.


This is exactly why I’ve created Ascension Alchemy.

This 6-month program your life will transform as we will focus on major areas of your life. 

Taking Action, Body Image, Forgiveness, Letting Go, Happiness, Health & Healing, Relationships, Money & Prosperity, Business and Spirituality.

Here’s what happens when you do this work:


  • Love and embrace all of the things about you. And I mean everything! Even the things that feel hard to love.

  • Love and truly forgive yourself and everyone else in your life.

  • Look at all parts of your past with peace.

  • Experience the true forgiveness and absolute freedom.

  • Release the shitty patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy.

  • Be able to move through stressful situations with a great deal more ease.

  • Fully accept that everything is always working out for you

  • Understand fully the nature of who and what you truly are - so much more than your physical body

  • Stand fully in your power to create a life you want, not the one you’ve survived.

  • Release shame and guilt. You are no longer required to carry these with you.

Bringing these pieces together with some of my special 1:1 magic,

and we’ll have you stepping out of surviving and into THRIVING.


Inside Awakening Awareness you will receive

  • An Initial 90-minute clarity call to give us a solid jumping off point. This will be where we break down where you are in this exact moment, where you’d like to grow, and the steps we can take to get you there.​

  • Email + text support between sessions so you never, ever feel alone 

  • And little surprises along the way!                       

  • Biweekly 60-minute coaching sessions (via Zoom) where your beliefs will be changed to keep moving the needle forward towards your new awareness

  • Weekly action assignments to keep you in a steady, spiritual awakening

  •  Learn your Life Number to help you understand your Life purpose here. 

The investment : $3333

(payment plans available) 

Before working with Janet I was fearful at work and procrastinating

all the time 

which made me gave me major stress in my life.

Often feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Janet listened with great empathy and provided me with the sounding board I needed to finally voice my frustrations about my life and my work.

Since working with Janet I have released lots of limiting beliefs that prevented me from showing the world what I could do.

I have had major shifts in my perception of work, with my family and with my friends- all positive changes.

Right after one session I had with her I was extremely tired and just relaxed and then a few days later I started sleeping all night long (according to my sleep app) - I have not done this in YEARS!!!!

I even started exercising and LOVE it.

I am forever grateful