Awakening Awareness

               6 Months to Clarity, Purpose, and Peace.

Are you struggling with your new awareness of the world?


You loved the recent pause and are no longer wanting your normal rushed life?

 Have you become alienated from your previous existence in life?

 Are finding that your "needs" are no longer the same?


You are ready to let others see the spiritual side that has been hidden away.

Trying to find the real "you" and don't quite know who that is?


Ready for a change?

It's never too late to create a new life!

It's time to create a new version of yourself and that means new beliefs.  






 Ready to break free of your old life?

Living with a new spiritual awareness, realizing that you need to start living from your heart and not your head.

 Not an easy task.

Adaptation is the key to our new living which is uncomfortable for many of us.

We no longer have the choices that we had in the past and judgement is everywhere as our world adapts.

It's time to unearth those buried passions underneath those masks of social behaviors.

Let's uncover that light of your being that is your true nature.

Awakening to a New Reality 

In this private 6 month one-to-one program

We will meet via zoom for a one hours session for 12 weeks.

Then 1/2 hour calls to check up on you.

 You choose 6 major areas of your life to work : 

 Self Esteem,


Personal Power,


Health & body,

Grief & Loss, 


Work & Career,

Happiness & Joy

Taking Action


Those stories of your past and who you thought you were will easily be re-written each week we meet. 

What you will gain

Understanding the depths of your Personal Responsibility

Love and embrace all of yourself and your journey so far

Be able to move through life changes with ease

Speaking your truth more easily

New Self Care Awareness

Improved work/life balance​​

Less judgement of yourself and others

Releasing old emotional wounds of the past

Look at your past with peace

Understand that everything is always working out for you.

Inside Awakening Awareness you will receive

  • Initial 75-minute discovery call to give us a solid jumping off point. This will be where we break down where you are in this exact moment, where you’d like to grow, and the steps we can take to get you there.

  • Email + text support between sessions so you never, ever feel alone 

  • And little surprises along the way! What, you thought I’d reveal everything to you now? 


  • Biweekly 60-minute coaching sessions (via Zoom)where your beliefs will be changed to keep moving the needle forward towards your new awareness

  • Weekly action assignments to keep you in a steady, spiritual awakening

  •  Learn your Life Number to help you understand your Life purpose here. 

The investment: $4,444 USD (payment plan available)

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Before working with Janet I was fearful at work and procrastinating

all the time 

which made me gave me major stress in my life.

Often feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Janet listened with great empathy and provided me with the sounding board I needed to finally voice my frustrations about my life and my work.

Since working with Janet I have released lots of limiting beliefs that prevented me from showing the world what I could do.

I have had major shifts in my perception of work, with my family and with my friends- all positive changes.

Right after one session I had with her I was extremely tired and just relaxed and then a few days later I started sleeping all night long (according to my sleep app) - I have not done this in YEARS!!!!

I even started exercising and LOVE it.

I am forever grateful


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