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  Four Session  Packages

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Our beliefs are layered and these 4 sessions are a great place to start. 

We meet 4 for sessions and then connect via email between sessions.

60 minute sessions where get together to look at those beliefs that have made you feel stuck.

Coaching and belief change will free you from your old patterns of your past. 

We look at the direction that you would like to take your life. 

You get to go at your own pace but it is recommended to have a session at least every couple of weeks.

Stepping Beyond your Limits
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Claiming your Voice

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Optimum  Health

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A Package

We often find ourselves running into blocks, despite our best efforts to “do the work”

It can point to deeper wounds and unconscious programs that are sabotaging us..

We may have made vows in past lifetimes or carried forward programs and traumas that we don’t consciously remember.

Let go of procrastination, worry about what others will think.

Its time to let go of your past and step into the next version of YOU.

B Package

Many of us have issues with speaking up in our lives.

Saying "yes" when we mean " No" 

Old programming from family and society are looked at here.

Throat chakra issues often stem way back into our family lineage causing us to not feeling safe to speak up.


Shaming in the past often teaches us to be quiet. 

It is time to reclaim your voice and be true to you.

Easily speaking up for what you want with fear of being judged.

C Package

So many of us  have hidden beliefs about our health.

Your willingness to look at other issues that may be affecting your health is needed here.

Narrowing things down to the root cause will take you on a deep journey that will astound you.

Worthiness is often a big hidden issue here when it comes to health issues.

We can look into miasms. pain bodies and old family beliefs that may be affecting your health.

Forgiveness of self is often necessary work here as well

The above are 4 session Packages

Every session is customized to your personal needs.

We will focus on your unique goals, desires, health, or other challenges you are currently experiencing in your life.

 Choose your package 

PSYCH-K sessions are available in-person for local clients and via Skype or Zoom for clients around the world.

with follow up email between sessions.

Just pick a package that suits your needs 

Four Sessions Package

( taxes payable where applicable)

$444.00 Cdn

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