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 Re-writing your Human Story !

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This is a 6 month program that is a deep, deep dive into your beliefs as a Spiritual  Be-ing


That you agreed that you chose to come here; that you chose your genetic lines and your family

and all you life experiences. 

This is a courageous path and not for everyone. 

 Things will change, everything will look different and you will need to make decisions that will change your life.

This six month program will help you write a new story about your life!



We all have stories about our lives and as we keep repeating them to others these stories define us.


Problem with repeating these stories is that they keep us in the past in all areas of our lives. 

As we use these stories to define who we are we unwittingly spread this energy into our auric fields.

Doing this then lets the same type of energy experiences to come into your life over and over until you get the lesson or be able to see the benefit of these experiences as aspects to your growth.

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EVOLVE is a 6 month personal one to one program looking at major areas of your life.

Grief. Loss and Letting go of the pain of the past

Self Esteem and Self Love

Relationships with self, others substances, boundaries, giving and receiving


Spirituality and Trusting the Universe 

Personal Power

Health and Body

Abundance and Prosperity 

Looking at your past woundings from a different perspective. 

 Entering into a neutral zone where any lingering hurts that need to be addressed. 

You will dive deeper into your awakening and learn more about what’s been keeping you stuck.


Working with your higher self and spirit team you will discover that feeling and understanding of joy.


 Your wholeness and greatness was always been there, just buried under layers of old beliefs.


 Discover spiritual tools and perception shifts to guide you down your path along with lots of new beliefs. 


Expect those light bulb moments that bring a deeper sense of peace and joy into your life.


It’s time to discover your calling and meet the real you.

This program is not for everyone.


It is for those that are eager to accept their path from a spiritual viewpoint.

 Book a call with me here.

 Signing up for my Evolving program, six month program which will completely transform your current mindset in life, your business or both.

This program combines Spirit led energy with practical coaching and mindset change. 


Wisdom from my 30 year journey of finally accepting that I choose my life here.


As I accepted the human experiences as my choosing and the lessons here were for my growth as a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, my life changed in miraculous ways. 


 As we grow we're constantly met with new challenges that trigger blocks we weren't previously aware of.


Living as a survivor for too many years piled up a lot of protection around me. 

Allow me to help you on this deep journey and help you build the life of your dreams more quickly and easily than ever before.

 Embrace your Past with Love and Compassion 

Initial 90 minute call to identify major problem areas, your needs and goals.

 Three 60-minute coaching belief sessions each month.

 Action assignments to help you with your shifts as you begin to shift with your new beliefs.

Email + text support between sessions.

The Program

Dear Spiritual Traveller

I wanted to share something with you.

I used to be so scared to speak up fearing put-downs etc.


I lived most of my life in victim mode and survivor mode that I really did NOT know who I was without playing a role.


When I decided "No more" the universe replied to me with opportunities to go deeper and the right teachers appeared.


Was a huge first step for me when I forgave the abusers in my life but something still felt off. 

When I went deeper into who I truly was this information literally came to me.


 I found my voice, my courage and a wonderful inner peace.


The result

Time to go deep to finally feel whole and complete.


To reclaim your power that you dimmed down.


To accept that it was always there just buried deep in the dark recesses of your being. 


If you

Are even the least bit curious about how this works, I urge you to reach out to me. 


If you

Can feel the energy of our connection, reach out to me.

 I want to

Make it so clear to you that going beyond forgiveness will set you on a new inspired path.

You are the creator of your reality.

Whether or not it was consciously or subconsciously, something brought you here.

What is it 

That you want in your life that you are ready to bust through those old beliefs ?

I'm urging

You to take the leap into the shadow issues.




Can sometimes feel funny, especially if you’re used to bending over backwards for everyone except yourself .

 Trust me I know.

 Book a call here to talk it out with me.

I am holding

Space for you to find your true self.   I eager to help you change your story.

         Much Love        


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