Have you awakened to a deeper truth?

These new energies that are coming into our environment are really making us dig deeper into our stories; more than ever before, We have begun to question what we have taken as truth in our lives and this can begin to make us feel unbalanced. This questioning is what is needed but it can also create huge discomfort in our relationships, work, health and spiritual beliefs. We begin to look at these areas and are often dismayed to find out that we are not truly happy in our relationships and then we have to make the huge decision as to what to do. The most important relationship is with ourselves, our boundaries, our selfworth and our inner knowing. We can often get mad at ourselves when we r

Do you trust your Insights?

Trusting ourselves is challengiing for many of us in so many areas of our lives. This ability in ourselves is often not nutured from our childhoods depending on our home environment. Our parents beliefs and our societies attiudes so shape our daily lives that we are often not even aware that we don't trust this important part of ourselves until something happens and you hear yourself saying ' I knew I was right" . Then what happens is that you start berating yourself in your mind knowing that you knew better. Insight is the ability to see beneath the surface beyond appearances. When we begin to accept that we are energy beings attracting what we need for our lessons our lives can drasticall

Feel it is time to write a new life story?

Are you ready to try self love? If so, then you are sensitive to the energies that are now here. So many people are feeling that they are waking up from a deep sleep and what was comfortable in their lives just isn't anymore. It may feel like something has shifted and with this many are beginning to " wake up" to alternative ideas about what is important for them now. This is challenging as we begin to question if all that we have been striving for all this time is truly going to make us happy, This can create great conflict in many areas of our family, business and cultural ideals and what was just okay can no longer be tolerated. If this sounds familiar to you don't despair. These energy

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