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Lemurian Star Code Activation

The Codes were originally placed within the crystalline Merkabah of our DNA by the Pleiadians in ancient Lemuria to carry our first imprint of spirituality from the stars. Brought forth through Mele'ha (Dr. Amber Wolf,PHD)  from the Pleiadian Star Mothers, the Codes are connected to the physical points on the body where information has been stored in our Star Templates, waiting for thousands of years to be reawakened - now is the time.

​The connection to the Star Mothers is growing daily and many of us have been reading and studying information about Lemuria for years.


The information given in these encoded cards were given to Dr. Amber Wolf as a sacred gift to humanity in 2011. With her Akashic Awakening she was given the information from the Pleiadian Mothers to create these codes for Healing cards as an intuitive system for clearing the body and attuning with the higher vibrations of your old soul's Awakened Akash.

The blended elegance of colours, sacred geometry and fractals by Aurelien Pumayana Floret artwork allows us to see the seen and unseen and feel the deeper levels of our true selves.

Each piece is created with vibrations rippling out in all directions into the Multiverse. 

This initial session takes about 1 hour.

Your investment for this session is


( this includes your own set of Star Code Cards)