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I offer you these links to people that have inspired me . They have wonderful offerings and I highly recommend them.


New Age Website

Holisitic Directory for Ontario with listings for practitioners from all fields of Natural Health.I am listed under Holsitic Skin Care



Beautiful link to music that soothes your soul . Can be downloaded for free. Just see the conditions. I have been using it to release the ache in my heart due to passing of both my parents and beloved cat all within weeks of each other. It has worked wonders.


Sharon Russell

A dear friend that has produced transforming music to heal and sooth your soul. Used in my healing practice and many others. Great to use for your own transformation. I highly recommend her selections.


Judy Satori
I have followed her for years. Her work has taken me deeper than I ever expected with the light language she speaks. Many of her programs that are free so that she can help humanity evolve into the higher dimensions.
I was guided to her programs to help me stay fit in an easy way. and was amazed at how much it helped me in other ways. I feel stronger than ever before, straighter and lost lots of inches when I follow it consistently. Helps with many aches and pains as well. .Great exercise for your lymphatics.
Steve  Nobel
He has fabulous videos on Utube with wonderful meditations. 
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