As a Starseed you are acknowledging the aspects of your Galactic Heritage; this awareness has led you down an awakening path on a deeper level than before. 

These readings will help you understand the galactic species that are playing out in your current life.

The interstellar species represented in these cards are as follows:

The Pleiades,






Zeta Reticuli,

 are just some of the energies represented by these cards.

They will offer you a greater insight into your human challenges that you are currently working on.


This reading is not just about what star am I from; as it gives you the stellar influences that you are working with NOW.


This reading will give you the energy of the moment that will help you further assist you on your life journey here.

For the reading I tap into your energy  via Zoom and then will draw the cards that will give access to your Galactic Heritage Star lineage.

We will sit with the energy and influences of the cards and then I will give you the information that is coming through for you at that  moment and after the reading I will send you a picture of the layout.

The one thing you must remember is that the energy of these cards are NOT linear. As there is no time the energy tends to be spiral,the order does not matter.               

Various types of Readings

Star Lineage/ 7 Card Spread

As a holographic hologram that is constantly in motion this reading

 a gives you insight into the stellar influences in your life now in the moment.

Takes about 90 minutes

$177 USD

Higher Guidance/4 Card Spread

Gives you insights into the message that needs to come from your higher self.

This spread is for you to set your intention to ask for the message that is appropriate for you at the time.

Personal Question / 2 ca

Gives you a quick reading to help you view a current situation from a fluid perspective rather than a static one.

It is best not to ask yes/no questions but ask for guidance about the situation you face.

Takes about 30 minutes

$97 USD
$57 USD

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