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OraclE Cards


As a Starseed you are acknowledging the aspects of your Galactic Heritage; this awareness has led you down an awakening path on a deeper level than before. 

These readings will help you understand the galactic species that are playing out in your current life.

The interstellar species represented in these cards are as follows:

The Pleiades,Orions,Sirians,Arcturians,Lyrans,

Vega,Zeta Reticuli,

 are just some of the energies represented by these cards.

They will offer you a greater insight into your human challenges that you are currently working on.


This reading is not just about what star you are from; as it gives you the stellar influences that you are working with NOW.


This reading will give you the energy of the moment that will help you further assist you on your life journey here.

For the reading I tap into your energy  via Zoom and then will draw the cards that will give access to your Galactic Heritage Star lineage.

We will sit with the energy and influences of the cards and then I will give you the information that is coming through for you at that  moment and after the reading I will send you a picture of the layout.    

Star Lineage Spread


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Spread of Deck of Language of Light.jpg

Each card is saturated with light to help steer you into the direction of freedom.

 There is a part of you that knows you are ready to move into the next chapter of your life even if you don't know what it is.

You know something deep within has shifted with the help of these cards you will receive and ground some of your soul transmissions that will open your heart to new possibilities.

It is always about "Knowing Thyself".

Each card has a message and a soul mastery class.

Know you are at the beginning of a profound shift in your thinking

A message and soul mastery lesson is given with each card. 

We connect via zoom where I can connect with your energy for your reading.


I will read you the mediation that is given with each card.

Inspired reflections and actions are also given to help you integrate the wisdom that the light of the cards has given you.

Four Card Spread


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