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When working on my game plan to create a consulting firm, I hit a roadblock.

Janet’s patience and discernment are amazing, she has managed to help me sift through the rubble of past beliefs - false beliefs I adopted decades ago - and one by one, remove them and replace them with the PSYCH-K method.
Janet has accomplished in just a few sessions something that would have taken years of conventional therapy, and I am so grateful.
Thank You!
SWH in Ohio, USA

Dear Spiritual Soul

    I am here to help those of you that have awakened to the new reality that you are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. That your journey here is all about love and that we are all one. 

    That everything happens for a reason in your life as it was all pre-planned by you before for your growth. 


      WOW! Hearing this is hard to wrap your head around. (I know)

      Many people (myself included) have struggled with their spiritual journey seeing love in all their life experiences.


       Loving all your life experiences is the most challenging especially when it comes to some of our family members, our health issues and our wounds both emotional and physical.


       It often takes years to come to terms with this understanding and I am here to help you shorten your journey to understand the lesson of LOVE, feeling whole, easily speak your truth and deepen your understanding of just how your energy attracts your life experiences.

    Once you are willing to begin looking at those parts of your life through a new awareness your life will be begin to change. 

    When I first took steps on my spiritual path many years ago I could not imagine just how far down the rabbit hole I had to go to finally find my voice, my courage and my purpose. 

I am here to help you feel empowered, to take those brave steps to let go of your past stories and bring you to a greater joy than ever before.  

It is your divine right to be successful, happy and receive everything you want in life or business! 


It is time to start taking steps to get into alignment with your radiant inner self so you can create a life of your choice with ease and grace.

My mission is to help you find that brave being that has been there all along underneath all those masks that you needed to put on to be accepted in the world.

For the past two decades, I have worked with 100’s of clients to support them in living more joyfully in the world.

In 1998 I left the mainstream world and made the leap to work from home. This made me realize just how important it was to feel worthy to receive and ask for what I felt I was worth.


So began my quest for ways to improve myself which led me to the path of Alternative healing.


Reiki began my journey leading me to many other modalities and then in 2011 I was introduced to therapy that I had been hearing about  for years to help me get past a buried memory that rocked my world. 

   PSYCH-K® helped me so easily that I knew I just had to learn it. 

 Working with this psycho-spiritual approach I discovered I could  empower clients to create the shifts they desired for themselves easier than I could ever have imagined.

This is where the simplicity of PSYCH-K® comes in with its proven track record that easily changes those self defeating beliefs quickly and easily over time and space.


 Together we will work together to dismantle those old beliefs that have kept you STUCK in the past and easily move into you into a new reality. 

Let's get you to your best life ever by changing those old beliefs that are holding you back.


You know you are ready for more.

More Joy!

More Clarity!

More Peace!

It's never too late for a happier life.

Professional  PSYCH-K® Facilitator
     at Subconscious Change
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