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When working on my game plan to create a consulting firm, I hit a roadblock.

Janet’s patience and discernment are amazing, she has managed to help me sift through the rubble of past beliefs - false beliefs I adopted decades ago - and one by one, remove them and replace them with the PSYCH-K method.
Janet has accomplished in just a few sessions something that would have taken years of conventional therapy, and I am so grateful.
Thank You!
SWH in Ohio, USA

Dear Spiritual Soul

Do you feel like struggling to create a life where you are thriving and not seeing the successes you expected?

Are you feeling frustrated, disconnected and discouraged?

Tired of feeling blocked in becoming the spiritual being that steps forward without fear or regret?

Would you like to learn how to feel empowered to take those brave steps that will bring you to your joy and prosperity?

If you are feeling this way….. know that you are not alone! Many people ( myself included) struggled with their spiritual journey and felt stuck and powerless after repeated countless affirmations that didn’t seem to work. I am here to tell you that you DO have the power to totally turn things around and create a thriving life in a very short time!

Most of you have been taught to work hard, give it all you got until you have no energy left for yourself. That it is not spiritual way to make a great living and be successful. You are not realizing that you are out of alignment with your authentic selves.

It is your divine right to be successful, happy and receive everything you want in life or business! By taking steps to get into alignment with your radiant self you can create a life of your choice with ease and grace.

This is where the simplicity of PSYCH-K® comes in with its proven track record that easily changes those self defeating beliefs quickly and easily over time and space. 

 Together we will dismantle those old beliefs that have kept you STUCK in the past and easily move into you into a new reality. 

Let's get you to your best life ever by changing those old beliefs that are holding you back. 


 The wound is the place where the light enters you. 


Professional  PSYCH-K® Facilitator
     at Subconscious Change
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