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Its' all about living Life Differently 

Living your life on a "Spirited Path" allows you to see your life from a different perspective, releasing yourself from the old victim and survivor stories of your past. 


It is about living a life of joy and gratitude for your life experiences and making choices from your heart space. 

We are constantly being told by our parents, the programs we watch, the media we listen to about who we are supposed to be and that leads us telling ourselves a ton of defeating beliefs.

You know in your heart that there is a hero and rule breaker that needs to come up to the surface again.

To take a step into a new life.

I can help you live that bigger story that is yours waiting to be claimed.  

This is where the simplicity of PSYCH-K® comes in with its proven track record that easily changes those self defeating beliefs quickly and easily over time and space.


 Together we will dismantle those old beliefs that have kept you STUCK in the past and easily move into you into a new reality. 

Let's get you to your best life ever by changing those old beliefs that are holding you back.



 The wound is the place where the light enters you. 



I'm Janet Miller 

Years ago, I was so excited to find a glimmer of hope that the spiritual knowledge I had discovered would help me finally help me feel whole again. 


I read a ton of books on spirituality and I knew I had found something that I could help others with. I took many workshops in energy and certifications ( Reiki/ Seichim Master, Crystals Therapist and countless others) as I committed myself to continue to dig deeper to find who I really was without the baggage of my past. It wasn't until I embraced my wounds that I truly started to shift.    

As I learned how to forgive all those from my past my life changed in countless ways. Yet part of me still knew there was more to do. As I began to trust my messages and intuitive nudges from my soul lessons my calling emerged to help others accept the spiritual lessons of their lives.               




"Change your beliefs in an instant!"

Yes. Yes you actually can.

Most know that I'm a skeptic, that I don't process change well. Not anymore. Janet helped me to release old beliefs that I'd hung on to for far too long.


With Janet's expertise and guidance you can change all those mixed up and contrasting beliefs that are holding you back. You want to see some serious change happen in your life?


Want to reach your FULL potential in a positive environment with a well rounded guide?

Contact Janet and change your life.

Terri Bobbikins, Oshawa. ON.

In these sessions

I use my intuitive skills combined with PSYCH-K® 

to transform your inner thoughts that have

sabotaged you

from taking action in your life, forgiving speaking up and more. 




to assist you


the New Energies


are now here

Professional  PSYCH-K® Facilitator
     at Subconscious Change
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