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are you ready to upgrade your beliefs and Start a new life ...

This new energy is urging a lot of us to start down a new path in life. That means letting go of your past and reinvent yourself to create something new in your life. So let's get you aligned with a new life  and  dump those old beliefs that have stopped you.

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Welcome to A Spirited Path

I am dedicated to assisting you to embrace those stories of your past from a totally new perspective using energy psychology.

I help you rewrite your past  so you can accept your brilliance, and take inspired action towards a new future. To see love in our past stories where none was before.

You know you are willing to embrace that You are meant for more   but need some help getting there.


than before because your life will be filled with joy at the simple things that were there all the time.

than before because your life will be filled with joy at the simple things that were there all the time.



knowing that goals that seemed impossible before are more achievable



to take chances that may have before seemed out of reach.



and know that your work is in tune with the universal energy.



for your sage wisdom and  be filled with more courage than ever before. 



as you shed those hidden beliefs that have held you back

Janet Miller A Spirted Path

About Janet Miller

I know from my traumatic past that it is not easy to love all parts of your past.  It took me years of traditional therapy to get started and it was not until I was willing to forgive the unforgivable that my life opened up to my spiritual path.

 LOVE is what it takes to live your life as that spiritual being having a human experience and that it is NEVER too late to start..

Letting go of my victim stories and then my survivor story got me to where I am today and it took years of peeling off the layers of protection I had surrounded myself with to accept just who I was as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Loving my past experiences opened me to huge insights of what my purpose here and my gifts

janet rocked me to the core

I have known Janet for over 15 years and was so proud of her when she became a PSYCH-K facilitator. I have had many sessions with Janet but like an onion, you have to remove several layers to get to the heart of the matter. One of my sessions with Janet  rocked me to the core. I have had a lot of trouble dealing with my divorce and she helped me to forgive myself, my ex, and many others that have wounded me. I could physically feel the mental, emotional and spiritual shift.



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