I love my Law of Attraction Business Plan

I love the aspects of the Law of Attraction so when I heard of a " Vibrational Business Plan " I was intrigued. I began to search out and found out that there was such a thing and it was created by a favourite author of mine " Michael Losier" http://hangoutwithmichael.com/?s=episode++%2371. I remember taking a Business Plan to my bank when I started. I did it myself and because I was an Alternative Practitioner they turned me down as I did not enough of a projection that they needed amoung other things. So I left it alone but did do one just for me. So hearing of this type of plan sounded perfect so I watched the episode a couple of times and then set to work to create my own. Please note,

Emotional patterns of your past

At the beginning of the year I made the decision to gather more like-minded people around me and took the plunge to create a " Meet-up" group to talk about our Soul lessons here. I choose this because I had just read a book by James Van Praagh www.vanpraagh.com called " Adventures of ths Soul". It made a huge impression on me and I felt it would help others look at the experiences in their lifes in a differient way. Last night I told a story about driving and someone yelling at me from behind to turn the corner. This took me out of my peaceful place but I could see cars and also a person crossing the street in front of me that the others behind me could not. I asked what the lesson was and

Allowing yourself to get out of your comfort zone!

With all these new energy changes we have been experiencing I have found myself re-writing a lot of my programs and tweeking them to make them better. Then I realized i was going into " perfection mode" and stopping myself from creating in the moment.I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone. So this morning I asked for help once again from my " Spiritual CEO's" and was told to go with the flow as usual. Doing my best to do this has been challenging when I have a list of things to do to compliment my new website design and get things off to my webmaster. I did protest and yet they repeated the message once again but this time they added " Trust us" So I started my day as usual after w

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