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Allowing yourself to get out of your comfort zone!

With all these new energy changes we have been experiencing I have found myself re-writing a lot of my programs and tweeking them to make them better. Then I realized i was going into " perfection mode" and stopping myself from creating in the moment.I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone.

So this morning I asked for help once again from my " Spiritual CEO's" and was told to go with the flow as usual. Doing my best to do this has been challenging when I have a list of things to do to compliment my new website design and get things off to my webmaster. I did protest and yet they repeated the message once again but this time they added " Trust us"

So I started my day as usual after walking the dog and doing my exercises. I have been doing my best NOT to get on facebook in the morning as it always seems to take up too much time. However they were insistent and told me something important was being announced that I needed to see. So I sat down with my phone and was so excited to find and article about "bees". I have been doing my best over my years on Facebook to always post the importance of our dear bees and that we must help them at all costs or will no longer be able to have food that is not GMO'd ( another issue with me).

So what does this have to do with " Allowing Myself to get out of MY COMFORT ZONE ?" .

Well I usually get really excited and post right away; however I have been lamenting over what do I blog about to my marketing friend just the other day and I saw her face come into my mind telling me to STOP. Write a blog about it. Get the link and use in in your blog and post that on facebook. This will help people come to your site. So this is what I was so excited about with my "bees".

TRUST that Spirit has your back and honour what they ask of you.

So ALLOW your self to get out of your Comfort ZONE and really allow SPIRIT to guide you and just be obeservant about what comes your way.

May you have a wonderful day.


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