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Emotional patterns of your past

At the beginning of the year I made the decision to gather more like-minded people around me and took the plunge to create a " Meet-up" group to talk about our Soul lessons here. I choose this because I had just read a book by James Van Praagh called " Adventures of ths Soul". It made a huge impression on me and I felt it would help others look at the experiences in their lifes in a differient way.

Last night I told a story about driving and someone yelling at me from behind to turn the corner. This took me out of my peaceful place but I could see cars and also a person crossing the street in front of me that the others behind me could not. I asked what the lesson was and was told that people yelling at me take me to a different place and I had not thought of that. Then another talked about their lesson about getting what they asked for in a relationship and friendship. Causing discomfort in themselves as well.

These lessons made us look at the deeper parts of ourselves and brought us back to memories of a different part of our lives. Both times were uncomfortable for us but brought us right back in our childhoods.

As the lessons were still in my head this morning as I drew my daily card and again in my face a deeper lesson.The card was about our "Inner Child".and it related back to the discussion the night before about Adversity and Surrender.

Here is the explanation that amazed me;

Our child within experiences and interprets our emotions and experiences according to what we experienced during our formative years as children. Any emotional wounds that we received as children are also held by the child within and these energetic patterns are stored in our chakras. By having these experiences again in our adult life these wounds are brought to the surface that influence our creations.

So this allows us to cleanse the wounds and heal any emotinal pattern that needs to be taken care of.

So if you are not manifesting what you need in your life perhaps its time to go within and heal those old traumas of your past and reclaim your childlike faith that all will be provided.

My question to you is will you take the time to do this?

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