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I love my Law of Attraction Business Plan

I love the aspects of the Law of Attraction so when I heard of a " Vibrational Business Plan " I was intrigued. I began to search out and found out that there was such a thing and it was created by a favourite author of mine " Michael Losier"

I remember taking a Business Plan to my bank when I started. I did it myself and because I was an Alternative Practitioner they turned me down as I did not enough of a projection that they needed amoung other things. So I left it alone but did do one just for me. So hearing of this type of plan sounded perfect so I watched the episode a couple of times and then set to work to create my own. Please note, this cannot be taken to the bank but it does set in motion the vibrations you need to grow your business. I started mine at the begining of the year.

It's a lovely way to think about your business and it was not as easy as I thought. You start with three areas



  • ROOM FOR MORE (this is my favourite part)

Watch the video from the link above and you will see how it works. Well it's been a few months but I have been able to move my things around and add more. I love the ease of it and its fun. Things are really starting to move in my business and when I look at my plan I love seeing that I can move a lot of the statements from Room for more to What I am giving my attention to and then to What I know for sure.

So if you have have business or are thinking of starting one this is a definite way to start.

I would love to hear what you think of it.

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