Can You Speak Your Anger?

I knew for years I could not speak my anger. I didn't from fear. Being in an abusive relationships teachs you to stay quiet so you can be safe. Unfortunatley this causes havic with your body, mind and soul. When you chose to stay quiet, what happens is your anger turns inward and harms you in many ways including your health. Your health reflects your thought patterns. Negative thoughts root into your cells. Many of my favourite books have been written on this topic which allowed me to connect to my emotions to what was happening to my physically. My body has been reacting to not being able to speak my anger since I was young. I kept up this practice for so many years it became natural not to

Do you love your daily routines?

I needed to stick my morning routines when my children were young if I was to get them and myself out the door, to school and then myself to work. I always felt out of sorts and rushed when I neglected them. There is a reason so many people recommend routine as a daily habit. As life has changed, I have new daily routines. The two I love most are: my daily exercise, and meditating. Recently, I came to the realization that some of my routines had been draining my energy. I took the time to sit with that thought and ask myself why. Why was I taking actions that were detrimental to my goals and dreams? It came down to my limiting beliefs. So how was I going to shift out of those limiting belief

We have been PROGRAMMED!

I have been avoiding the news like the plague. The Jian Ghomeshi trial that is going on shows how little has changed in the past 40 years when it comes to sexual assult cases. The women need to be virgin-like or they get ripped to shreds on the stand. Poking holes in the women's testimonies because it was a long time ago has been talked and bandied about by his lawyer. The news feeds have also been talking about why did they wait so long to bring this to the light. We all know that deep down that tearing these women down isn't right, but we have been programmed. Women have been programmed to equate a male hurting us with his holding affection for us. I had long hair like the girl in the pict

Is your heart blue this Valentines Day?

Did you know that Valentines day began in the days of Rome as a fertility festival ritual? That the Christian church then changed it to St Valentine's day to christinize the celebration. That there was actually more than one Saint Valentine and it wasn't until the 1300's that this day became associated wih romance. Then in the 15th century written notes started to appear and the 17th century brought more of the same in Europe. This then spread to North America and the first valentine card was printed in the 1800's. This led to a major consumer holiday where now over one billion dollars is spent; more money than any other holiday except Christmas. Over 62% of the popuation now engage in th

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