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Do you love your daily routines?

I needed to stick my morning routines when my children were young if I was to get them and myself out the door, to school and then myself to work. I always felt out of sorts and rushed when I neglected them. There is a reason so many people recommend routine as a daily habit.

As life has changed, I have new daily routines. The two I love most are:

  1. my daily exercise,

  2. and meditating.

Recently, I came to the realization that some of my routines had been draining my energy. I took the time to sit with that thought and ask myself why. Why was I taking actions that were detrimental to my goals and dreams? It came down to my limiting beliefs.

So how was I going to shift out of those limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs? What uplifting routines were going to replace the detrimental ones?

I found myself coming up with excuses as to why it was going to be challenging to start. To get over that obstacle, I started with small daily actions that would get me to new routines.

Change is hard for many of us, but by slowing adjusting our routines it creates new energy flows and new awareness.

Here are 4 simple action I chose to take towards empowerment:

1) Change your daily routes to your usual destinations. I started by walking the opposite way in the park as I walked my dog. This still brought me to the same place, but it allowed me to become more aware of my surroundings. What small changes can you make to your daily routes?

2) Start looking your daily environment and see where you keep getting untidy. This was a big clue to help me realize that I was holding on to a lot of old stuff. I am creative at heart and when I looked at all the projects \I had started and never finished I knew I had an energy leak there. I sat with each project and asked myself this question, "Is it still of value to me if I finish it?" This allowed me to throw out a lot of stuff and claim back my energy from it. Where does clutter collect in your space?

3) Take small steps. Taking small steps daily or on a regular basis allows you to be gentle with yourself. When I wanted to start working at home, the only place I had was a storage room that was filled with junk. It was overwhelming to just open the door. It took me a few days to start, but I put the timer on and dove into the mess for only 30 minutes a day for a full week. Te results were amazing. This forced me to stop throwing things into the storage room and to start saying NO when friends gave me things I did not want. What do you do to overcome being overwhelmed?

4) Begin to say NO with ease. Can you imagine yourself doing this? Doing this was huge for me. It was because I wanted to be liked and did not want to disappoint my friends and relatives. I started by taking a breath before I said no. This gave me time to ask myself if this would empower me or drain me. I started to say no with ease. Do you take the deep breath test?

What is the your best routine tip?

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