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Is your heart blue this Valentines Day?

Did you know that Valentines day began in the days of Rome as a fertility festival ritual? That the Christian church then changed it to St Valentine's day to christinize the celebration. That there was actually more than one Saint Valentine and it wasn't until the 1300's that this day became associated wih romance. Then in the 15th century written notes started to appear and the 17th century brought more of the same in Europe. This then spread to North America and the first valentine card was printed in the 1800's. This led to a major consumer holiday where now over one billion dollars is spent; more money than any other holiday except Christmas.

Over 62% of the popuation now engage in this belief but this day also is not a great celebration for everyone.

The pressure of receiving Valentines begins for many of us back in grade school. I can remember often feeling disappointed with the number of valentines I received from my classmates and yet kept a brave face in the classoom. I would go home and pour over them and then wonder why I didn't receive more.

In today's society where it has turned into such a money maker for our merchants it becomes challenging once again to keep up that brave face when we have been recently divorced, had a breakup or a great loss in our family. Don't feel blue this Valentiines day, love who you are and what you have done and who you have in your life.

What I choose to focus on is how much I love myself and how much I love my family and friends around me. I am so proud of how far I have come and love looking forward to this day as I love chocolate and I hope you are too.

If this day is a challenge for you then I have an offer to help you love yourself.

Are you willing to look at what your beliefs are about this day?

Are you willing to think about how much you love yourself ?

Does this day make you feel depressed or happy?

Are you able to change your thoughts about this day with ease?

More and more as we move into this new energy we are realizing that it begins with us and how we feel about ourselves first. It is no longer selfish to take time to nuture our souls so we can be our best to those around us. By learning to love ourselves unconditionaly it is now so necessary and it should be regular part of lives. By doing this for ourselves we will also be teaching the next generation, our children that self care is a very necessary and important part of their lives.

My intention is to have more of us love ourselves daily so that we can change our world. So I created a VIP special for this month of love.

A Cup of Self -Love is a three hour session where your old beliefs are brought to the surface.and you get to find out the big WHY you have a hard time loving yourself. By changing the way you look at loving yourself you will also attract more love into your life. Just click the link above to find out more. You will be able to take better care of yourself, honour your body more and have better self-esteem.

looking forward to this month of February and i hope you are too.


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