The Game of Life.

I loved a book by Florence Scovel Shinn that I read years ago that talked about the fact that life was a GAME and it depends on how you are playing it. This book really changed my life as I began to question my beliefs and when and where they came from. It took me a while to digest that notion but it did make me look at where I was in my life and I was shocked when I found I was still living in Victim mode. My past abuses still came up in conversation a lot and this realization changed my life and I began to read books, take workshops and courses that helped me get out of Victim mode and into Survivor mode. This worked for quite a few years but then I got tired of being a survivor. Getting

Questions to ask the Universe.

I know we hear this all the time BUT when you become aware of just how subtle your answers can be I can see why so many of us just don't hear or see our messages. So what do you do to listen to your answers from the universe? I kept asking why? What did I miss? When I did this and let my answers begin to percolate the answers I received became more apparent and I realized that it was NOT that I did not get the answers at all. It was because I did not believe that the answer was so simple. I had skirted around the answers so often and yet I knew deep in my heart that it was because I did not LOVE myself fully. These new energies that are coming in are making many of us question ourselves in

Your Chakras and Food checklist.

Your chakras are different colours and they require different foods. So here is a basic list is to help you when you are feeling down, low on confidence, feeling depressed or low on energy. Red for Energy (Root Chakra) If you are feeling run down, fatigued , burnt out, lazy or lethagic, red foods such as strawberries, tomatoes, raspberries and beets will help to boost your energy levels and body temperature. Orange for Confidence & Self-Worth (Sacral Chakra) If you are low on confidence, doubting yourself or feeling unworthy of love , get yourself some oranges and do it fast! Things like mandarins, mangoes, carrots, squash, pumpkin and yams will all make a big impact on your feelings. Yell

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