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The Game of Life.

I loved a book by Florence Scovel Shinn that I read years ago that talked about the fact that life was a GAME and it depends on how you are playing it. This book really changed my life as I began to question my beliefs and when and where they came from.

It took me a while to digest that notion but it did make me look at where I was in my life and I was shocked when I found I was still living in Victim mode.

My past abuses still came up in conversation a lot and this realization changed my life and I began to read books, take workshops and courses that helped me get out of Victim mode and into Survivor mode. This worked for quite a few years but then I got tired of being a survivor.

Getting out of this mode took more time and I still work on that part of my story every day. I am not there as much as I used to be and yet with all my former excuses gone, deeper old beliefs began to surface.

This made me look at why I have held back for so long and why I kept procrastinating on writing out my life story that I have been told I will do and of course the answers came from deep within.

It all had to do with my beliefs and that fact that I never felt that I as a good writer and also would people judge me for what I had to say.

I realized that I was sitting on the sidelines and not stepping out of my comfort and even though I said I wanted to play in the bigger field I was still not taking the steps to move out into the world.

This is my biggest step yet into Thriver mode and it is the first step into the newest version of me. So I ask myself everyday these questions and listen to the story that comes up in my head.

Then I write down that story and with all the tools that I now have and ask myself these questions below and change them into more positive beliefs that will change my life.

So my questions that I ask myself are here:

Where are you in this Game of Life?

Am I still sitting in victim mode? Listen to what comes up.

Am I still sitting in survivor mode? Listen to your story

OR Am I taking the steps to live life in THRIVER mode?

Would love to here where everyone is.

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