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Questions to ask the Universe.

I know we hear this all the time BUT when you become aware of just how subtle your answers can be I can see why so many of us just don't hear or see our messages.

So what do you do to listen to your answers from the universe?

I kept asking why? What did I miss?

When I did this and let my answers begin to percolate the answers I received became more apparent and I realized that it was NOT that I did not get the answers at all.

It was because I did not believe that the answer was so simple. I had skirted around the answers so often and yet I knew deep in my heart that it was because I did not LOVE myself fully.

These new energies that are coming in are making many of us question ourselves in a whole different way and it made me dig really deep into myself feeling so different most of my life which left me feeling frustrated and often lonely.

I kept at it and everyday I asked myself questions everyday until I got more answers? So I started off with this question and kept it up for a full seven days and wrote down what came to me.

Why do I not feel worthy of LOVE?

My answers made me realize that it had a lot to do with self-worth. I began loving myself everyday and started a whole bunch of changes which of course overwhelmed me. It worked for a while but then I just stopped doing all those great new things with excuse after excuse.

My new food changes went out the door and I began eating again when I was bored , I stopped my regular exercise because I missed one day and my body again to gt back to where it had been. So I went back and asked myself in meditation again a different question.

I am sure many of you have done the same thing in your lives

How can I love myself more everyday?

So I went back to the big question again but in a different way. Different answers came to me and what i got was really simple again.

One at a time. I did that and changed my belief that it was easy and effortless for me to change. and I slowly changed my eating habits and now find I literally can't eat the way I used to Then I added an exercise program and tracked my results and put my scale away. My body started feeling much stronger and straighter and my clothes started feeling better..

So my questions have been answered because I took the time and went within and awakened a new love for myself on a daily basis.

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