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Being Thankful for the tough stuff

You may be thinking I can do that!

Or are you thinking how do I do that?

This lesson came to me this January as I fell on hidden ice that was in the park while having my daily walk with my dog. Needless to say, I was shocked as I fell hard onto the ice. At first, I thought it is only a bad sprain as I could still move my fingers. However, as I stood up and felt it go limp I realized it was broken. At this point I felt no pain but I knew I had to walk back home and call someone for help.

Right then and there I felt gratitude that it was my right wrist and not my left.

Being thankful right from the beginning was a game changer for me as I know this changed the “energy “of the whole scenario of the day.

As the day progressed I found many other things to be thankful for.

I had a friend that worked from home that could drive me to the hospital.

Felt thankful once again as I had a choice of hospitals to go to.

I was thankful that I could contact my daughter to come and look after my dog.

Gave thanks again that she could cook some meals for me before she left with the dog.

Thankful once again as we got to the hospital and it was not busy so got looked after quickly.

Thankful as I got a beginning cast on my wrist from a fellow that called himself “The Bone Fixer” and we got to joke about some spiritual ideas.level than before.

Was thankful once again as I talked to the hospital Physio-therapist about the blue colour she was wearing could help her throat chakra.

Then thankful again to talk about crystals she could wear around her throat and how this could help her speak more truthfully.

Once again was thankful for the lesson of having a broken my wrist as spirit allowed me to see those working in hospitals have spiritual knowledge and can bring that knowledge to others in their own way.

By allowing myself to see this accident from a different view I allowed myself NOT to go into “pity mode”. I changed the energy of the whole situation.

When you learn to do this in your life and look at the incidents that are occurring to you on a deeper level you will then begin to change the energy of any situation that occurs in your life.

Even the crappy ones.

When you allow yourself to be on a spiritual journey you will begin to realize that I attracted this as there are no such things as accidents. You will also allow yourself to change your life on a deeper level.

Just a few years ago this “accident” would have been totally different for me. I would have been upset, complaining about all kinds of things, finding fault with everything and just looking for things to go wrong or become difficult.

Accidents are tools from the universe to get out attention and depending on what body part has been injured and how badly it was injured become an important part of the message.

I hope there will be some nuggets in here that will inspire you. If you need help to get to this point just contact me. I have many tools to help you dive deeper into your purpose.

P.S. - Need some help with this? Just reply to this message and let me know what you're dealing with and what you need help with.

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