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Asking for what you want.

This does not seem to be a problem for many but I had a big problem just even asking. I think this came from my childhood because we weren't allowed to ask for too much because my parents always told me there was only so much money to go around. So when a girlfriend of mine told me to " just ask" it took a while to sink in. She continued with the statement saying " if you don't ask you will never know , they might say YES!

This was a revelation for me. When it sank in it made perfect sense to me so I started asking and things started happening. Now I didn't always get what i had thought of but then I was also not being specfic enough. I will give you an example.

As a single parent I needed a new vehicle and I just asked for a new car. Well I did receive a new car to me. My brother was upgrading to a new car and he offered me his Honda Civic. I was so grateful until I realized that it was a " Standard" .I never learned to drive on but I was determined to so I took it around the local streets . Friends of mine told it would be easier to drive on the highway. So I took the plunge and asked friends of mine to go to a summer Mineral show in Bancroft. Well we had a grand time and of course the ladies helped me shift and then I got to Bancroft and my heart sank. Hills everywhere! For a driver new to shifting gears my heart was in my mouth several times but we made it . I will never forget that experience and now always ask the universe with more detail.

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