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How to pay attention to the signs of the Universe.

Signs are all around us but many of us are so busy with our lives that we miss them all together. Even though I meditate on a daily basis I get caught up in my daily life as well. We think we have to look for hidden meanings, or big occurences in our lives and this is really not the case.

Becoming aware of the subltle energies around us can be challenging but a very necessary lesson may need to be learned.We often get signs with fleeting thoughts about past expereinces and we often push them back down because they are painful and so not needed for our current situation. OR SO WE THINK.

SET your intention for your day.

ASK the universe for help daily.

OBSERVE yourself and take some deep breaths.

This will help you to become aware of your body and possibly the subtle energies that surround you. You don't need to get rid of something to start paying attention BUT you do need to take a few more minutes for yourself at the beginning of your day. Becoming aware takes time but you need be present.

This is for you and you need to become your best friend,your signs are there but you need to take the time to be aware. When this began to happen to me it was because I changed the way I looked at my life. Then all of the signs started running in my head like an old movie. I began to see things differently and also began to see the bigger meaning of the previous events. I have many friends that ask me , how do you get messages? I now answer the signs are ALL AROUND us but when become aware then the messages really start coming through.

Have an awareness day!

May your messages astound you!

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