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Are you the Master of your limits?

Humm. I asked myself this and knew that I had most of my life. From growing up a middle child, a victim of trauma, domestic abuse ,the list goes on; it has taken me years to heal these wounds and the old thouhgts that go with them, now growing older those " other limiting AGE thoughts" started filtering in as well. But master of my limits stuck a chord with me and now I know that I still have a way to go to change my limiting thoughts.

When I reached the age of 50 (some time ago) did I realize what I picked up from society. We need to feel limitless but with all this new energy and letting go of the "old" thoughts where do we start?

I thought I had done a lot of work but when I went to a beautiful ceremony on Friday with a group of women to help ourselves find our voice in Business , I realized I still had a way to go. I also know it is easy to get caught up in global beliefs so my list just got bigger.

Comments would be great.

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