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Feel it is time to write a new life story?

Are you ready to try self love?

If so, then you are sensitive to the energies that are now here. So many people are feeling that they are waking up from a deep sleep and what was comfortable in their lives just isn't anymore. It may feel like something has shifted and with this many are beginning to " wake up" to alternative ideas about what is important for them now. This is challenging as we begin to question if all that we have been striving for all this time is truly going to make us happy,

This can create great conflict in many areas of our family, business and cultural ideals and what was just okay can no longer be tolerated. If this sounds familiar to you don't despair. These energy changes are meant to do just that and now more than ever we need to love ourselves deeper than ever before. This is so hard to do because our society has told us for years that this is selfish and inconsiderate to do.

But self-love is so necessary but for many of us we often don't know where to start. It is not just about pampering yourself with things but simple acts of beginning to say " No" is so hard and we begin to feel guilty or others make us feel guilty. Be gentle with yourself and go for walk and start taking deep breaths to just begin. Shut off the television or don't spend so much time on the computer. Small simple steps will begin to shift you to better self-love.

As a single parent most of my adult life tihs was so hard for me but I when I started to do these small things lots shifted for me. The one way that really helped me was to take a different direction when I was walking or driving the car. This made me really pay better attention because I was doing something that was unfamiliar and not just by routine.

Just remember this " The more I love myself, the more love I have to give others." Doing this will begin a new story in your life.

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