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Do you trust your Insights?

Trusting ourselves is challengiing for many of us in so many areas of our lives. This ability in ourselves is often not nutured from our childhoods depending on our home environment. Our parents beliefs and our societies attiudes so shape our daily lives that we are often not even aware that we don't trust this important part of ourselves until something happens and you hear yourself saying ' I knew I was right" . Then what happens is that you start berating yourself in your mind knowing that you knew better.

Insight is the ability to see beneath the surface beyond appearances. When we begin to accept that we are energy beings attracting what we need for our lessons our lives can drastically change. This step can often cause us much distress in our lives and having been there myself times I know how much my trusting caused me to shift into a new knowing and way of living my life.

So how do we begin to trust our insights you are probably thinking ? This is where we begin to look at the energy of the " Fifth Chakra" The colour is blue and it is located in the throat area of our bodies. Time to ask yourself if you are living from your ego or spiritual truth. It is time to begin trusting your intuition and turing your energy within. Look at the foundations that are creating your issue and what is maintaining it.

Time to become aware of the subtle energies that surround you.

Write this next saying down and repeat it asoften as you can.

Post it where you can see it.

" I am guided to perceive the true nature of reality."

The energies at this time are pushing us to see past the illusions that we have created in our lives.

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