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Have you awakened to a deeper truth?

These new energies that are coming into our environment are really making us dig deeper into our stories; more than ever before, We have begun to question what we have taken as truth in our lives and this can begin to make us feel unbalanced. This questioning is what is needed but it can also create huge discomfort in our relationships, work, health and spiritual beliefs.

We begin to look at these areas and are often dismayed to find out that we are not truly happy in our relationships and then we have to make the huge decision as to what to do. The most important relationship is with ourselves, our boundaries, our selfworth and our inner knowing.

We can often get mad at ourselves when we realize that we have not honoured ourselves for so long and then when we try to make the changes a resistance occurs and we have to understand that by changing our energy, it creates new lessons for those around us.

This is okay. It may make us back down for a while to keep the peace but once this change starts a deeper lesson is at hand. So begins our quest to learn more and this brings us to another lesson.

Do you dare ask and do we have the right to question? As we begin to question those areas in our lives we need to reach out and do more asking for help than ever before. Know that is just just the beginning of a cycle We can become fearful and lost as the old " stuff" that has been buried comes to the surface and old feelings emerge once again. When this happens don't get lost in these old feelings. Begin to trust that it is just a " left-over" that is still in your energy and it needs to be acknowledged and released.

Know that just the simple act of asking is difficult for many of us as we have had to be seen as the strong one.

What is the answer? Just one step at a time. One way is to start doing things differently. Take a different route while driving . Stop watching so much televsion.

Just start!

Doing this will begin your new journey of self discovery and the beginning of a great new adventure.

I would love to hear from those that have awakened to a deeper truth so please respond to this post.


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